"It's not a spectator sport!"

Dance & Prayer:

Zikar is an ancient form of body prayer from the middle east. Using simple phrases in Arabic, song and movements, a circle of strangers can come together in an organic harmony.


Zikar is about rememberance: remembering who we truly are in a non-personal, experiencial movement with others. Zikar is experience; an experience of what is possible when we drop the ego for a time, and simply move with others.

Videos of Dances

To give you an idea of both the deepness and fun of prayer dance. Here are some samples of Dances of Universal Peace Dances, held at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, with Connie leading. Posted on Youtube.

Send Us Peace of Thy Divine Spirit, Sufi Tradition
Put Your Hands in the Hand: Christian Tradition
Shalom Aleichem: Jewish Tradition

About Connie ZareenDelaney

Connie Zareen is a sufi initiate studying under Micheal Gest, and Leilah Be. She has been studying and working with zikar as sacred dance in groups throughout the west. She is a certified Dances of Universal Peace leader, guitar player, and drummer. Connie's years of practice bring a deep sense of authentic self to zikar practice and dance leading.

Books: Walking Without Footprints, & Spindle Spinning From Novice to Expert.
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