"It's not a spectator sport!"

THERE IS A STORY in the life of Bau Sin Tao.

One woman came to him, and said, "I'm without a child. Your master, long ago, blessed my mother and because of his blessings I was born. I hear that you are even a greater master than your predecessor. Please give me the blessing too?"
So Bau Sin blessed her. But the blessing did not work.

The woman waited and waited. Years passed, and no child came to her. Finally she approached Bau Sin with anger and curses. "You are thought to be a great master, greater than your own master, but your blessing has not worked! You must be phoney!"

Bau Sin responded, "Did I say that it would work? Had I given you any promise?"
But the woman was insistent, "Then why did your master's blessing work. Your blessing was a failure!"

And Bau Sin said, The answer, is because your mother had not asked for a child. I was present at the time, sitting at my master's feet. My master had blessings for everybody. Who ever happened to come he would bless. No blessing was created especially for your mother. The fact that you have been born, is just an accident.

"And you accuse me of things you know nothing about. In the first place. Your mother was innocent and trustful, she did not asked for anything. And you have asked for a very specific thing, for a child. That makes all the difference.

"Your mother simply loved the master and came to be near him. The master, out of his love, used to bless everybody, and your mother was there. You are an accident, you are not a by-product of the blessings.

"You have asked, even demanded for the child. Whenever one desires, one becomes incapable of receiving the blessings.

"My master used to bless everybody, it was just his habit. I don't bless everybody, it is not my habit. My master was himself, I am myself.

"When you asked for the blessing, I simply thought - the chances are fifty-fifty. If I give a blessing there are always fifty chances that you may have a child. Why miss such an opportunity? If a child comes then I have made a miracle. If my blessings don't work, I know how to get out of it. I was there when your mother received the blessing, I can prove that you are an accident.

One should live life without any prejudice. If you are living each moment with awareness, then you are living with grace. No greater miracle is needed.