"It's not a spectator sport!"

It takes just a little bit of third grade math to figure out that struggling with spiritual enlightenment is not the cure for humanity.

Let's say there are 6 billion people in the world.  Let's assume that this 6 billion is more than enough to strain the eco-systems of this planet to a breaking point. Let's also assume that this planet cannot sustain very many more than 6 billion people with a majority of them having a satisfactory quality of life. (Right now a very small minority have a satisfactory quality of life so this is not hard to assume).

Now let's multiply that by the basic assumption of eastern philosophies that it takes many lifetimes for a spiritual seeker to wake up. Let's throw a fairly low number at this assumption - 2. By this I mean that the spiritual seeker has a basic assumption that they don't have to wake up in this lifetime -- they have another lifetime in which to do the deed.

Right now the world population is doubling every 40 years.

Let's assume that we will all live to the average age of 80. Let's assume that a person can't really do any decent spiritual seeking until they are 20 years old.

Now some math.

Take your present age and subtract it from 80. Add 20 to that number.

You now have an estimate of how many years it is going to take you to finish up this life, and assuming that reincarnation actually exists and you are smart enough to get reincarnated immediately after you die, how long it'll take you to get to a point to try the whole business again.

If this number is 40 years or more - then there will be 12 billion people alive on the planet. No telling where you will be living.

Do you really think it is going to be easier to do it then?