"It's not a spectator sport!"

Ask for nothing
when you

If you get

you'll be
dancing with


There are a million
in front of your
this second.

And yet you

and hope
to see


God is laughter

Why would he
have made us


You've spent your
whole life
trying to get

Are you any
closer to


Forget about
It only knows
how to

Forget about
It comes on its

YOU be.

My mind slipped
free of hooks
and barbs
and you
replaced what I
thought was me.

I toss all notions
into the wind
and dance on the
tongue of the beloved.

Chew me up!

Everything the
person sees
is the truth.

What do you

Scared of Death?

The only difference
in being alive
and being dead

is that when
you are alive
You have a
little bit
of a say
in what
other people

might do with you.

This male-female
has nothing to

with God.

Your separation
from God
cannot be your sex.

God never excludes
himself from you.

In all cases
it is you

removing yourself
from God.

As long as you
have an ideal against
you are trapped in

Moving to the
opposite of something
is not transcending it.

Love can move to hate
and back again.

Agitation can move to peace
And then fall back
again to agitation.

Nothing has changed.

Transcending is
leaping entirely
out of it.

Where love and
hate do not matter

And agitation and
are the same

Because, now

YOU are.

This group is like
every other group.

You have to be
the same,

and the dominant female
acts as the
"same" police.

God doesnt't

live here.


Just don't expect
To endorse
Whatever it is
you are selling.

I am only
in revealing
the truth.

You think your
body is solid
but it's not.

It's nothing but atoms,
that are nothing
but space, spinning.

And between the atoms,
more space.

The same is true of
your thoughts.

They seem a solid
But they are
more porous than air.

Your worse worry
never stirs
the breeze.

You don't recognize
transcendence because
you believe
nobody could be
the Buddha

except maybe some
far away guy
in India

Or some way-long
dead guy.


But certainly not
a plain ol' gal
in jeans
Right here in your

And certainly

not YOU!


You think crucifixion
stringing a guy
up on a cross.


There are a million
small ways
you do it
to each other

(and to yourself!)

every day.

I might catch
more bees
with honey

But diplomacy
does no good
In a field
Where only mad
lunatics need apply.

Besides -

You get more flies
with good ripe . . . . . .

If you give
a meditation

You better be
for Buddha

show up.

Does joy ever
sweep through
your open
like a breeze?

Sit awhile
with emptiness
and perhaps
you'll hear it!

Because you don't know
what ego is
you think my song
and dance is ego,

you think my tears
come from my mind
you say my confusion
comes from attachment to self

and you criticize me

day and night.


Is this the reflection
of how
you speak to yourself?

Bummer for you.

You can meditate,
clear your mind
to run from your

make small offerings
and excuses,

and fill your mind
with drugs of

or you can do the thing.

Kindness is always possible
but it never comes
on its own.

It requires movement.

A thought is less than
blank air
in a vacuum,

give it the strength
of your arm.

Burn through the
dust, my friend,
the reflection looking
for itself.

See with your own
eyes and eat with your

Dash the
stingy heart.

Love is your gift.

There IS no worship,
and yet,
without it your life is
devoid of flavor.

Sing a mighty song
of thanks
to the wind that gives
you breath

and the man who provides
your anger.

Both are a gift.

Everyone wears a mask
to cover something
they think is ugly.

It takes so much
effort every day
to put it on -

to get the right color,
the right smile,
the right thing to say,
even the right thing

to think.

But it's all for naught.
I see can right through
to the
that you are trying to hide.

Why would I be smiling?