"It's not a spectator sport!"

The only way to get

away from God,

is to search for God.



I want to tell you
that there is something
more than mere bliss.

Can you see the possibility?

I want to show
THIS experience.
THIS that I am.

From THIS place there
is no possibility
of anything more.

and so, also, no possibility
of anything

You must die to be here.


Don�t search for God
if there is the faintest possibility
of finding him.

Where will your
truth go
when everyone

only wants


The problem with
me is

I don�t have the faintest idea
what the words
coming out of my
mouth are going to do

in your head.

You calcify everything
into important ideas
of right and wrong.

It�s a
mystery to me how

you even manage to


I�m disturbing to know.

You disturb me too.
I like it like that.

I want you shaking
enough to crack.

Because maybe through
that crack, a tendril of light
can creep in, and
illuminate your soul.

I�m willing to risk it.

Are you?


I cover the knife
with laughter
but I�m still stabbing.

Can you feel it?

I want to penetrate
full to the heart
and crack you like
a nut.

Then you�ll eat
sweet meats
the rest of your life.


I can be bought off.
How much you got?

The price is one soul.


Tara Sue has
created a monster.

She�s out to eat
the world.

You look kind of

What�s your flavor?


You like to talk
about passion and God,
But you don�t
want to encounter

And now you�re stuck with me.

Is this your lucky
day or what?


You listen to nothing
but your own inventions

and then declare
yourself open minded
because your views
sound good on paper:

sustainable living
vegetarianism right thoughts goddess walks
the path to god.

But Tara Sue knows this:

Hypocrisy never breeds truth.


You laugh and chuckle
at Tara Sue;

safely embedded
words, in a book.

Or at Rumi,
fortunately dead for

But what if the
is suddenly sitting
in YOUR living room.

Run and hide
while you still
have a chance.


What if
everything you thought
was wrong,

and every theory
an illusion.

Well, I�ve got
a clue
for you.

There�s no "what-if"
about it!


What if truth
was so obvious
that it was smacking
you from all sides,

all the time, and

so you have
to run and hide,
run and hide,
in a constant frenzy.

Take another clue

it is.


What if all it took
to have God
streaming into your

Was to relax it all
for just

Would you do it?


Don�t you find
it strange
That you are so
and open minded,
and green,

That your guests
have to sneak
out the back door
to go get
a little meat
in their bellies.

I Do!


I know that
I disturb you.

If you would
two seconds
to find out why
that is

Your heart would
for eternity.



Tara Sue
has destroyed me.

It�s getting worse
by the second.

Thank you!


Tara Sue loves you.

She�s coming closer.

Let me touch that
in your head
for just one second
with this


little, tiny, pin.

I want to see
what comes


The Master�s bite
is an infection
That makes you
want to bite
everyone in your
path with truth,

Hi, there, seeker of lies.
Would you like
a pretty story. . .

Come over here,
just a little bit more.

Now; look up.


"No!" you cry.

I'm on a search for God

Keep ME out of it.


You are so pure,
able to whirl
with bliss
while you chant
God�s name.

Yet Buddha has
sat in your
for three years

and you never




If I called God
a she,
Then maybe YOU
would come listen.

Ever think that
I don�t want
"YOU" here.

HE. HE. He. He. He.

he. he. hehehehehe

And now I find
that the man-god
sounds just like


You are so
insulated from
the world

You don�t even
know the good
things going on.

Let�s watch
sit-coms together.

Have a belly

and call that GOD.


"Finally the open people
Who can accept me,
for who I am."

Don�t dare
step out of line
and get yourself
rejected by this group!

self righteous

is unmatched.


How am I supposed
to remember,
all the time,
That people don�t
where their center is.

It�s just too crazy
of an idea
To keep in my brain.

So forgive me
when I treat you
like you already



You think you
are born
with a soul
and have to find it.

Tara Sue knows

You have to
make your own

Even if you
only have
mud and sticks
to twist.


God. God. God.

I think it�s

Only the middle
letter is right
and it should
be like

o o p s


I want to go find
some seekers

Who are not
for anything.



Stuff like changing
is far more

Than figuring out
about God.