"It's not a spectator sport!"

About non-duality. Non-duality means that there are not two things happening, there is only one thing happening.

The more we dive into the ramifications of that, the deeper and broader it becomes, and the more it expands the context in which we live our lives. Expecially now, here we are in the 21 Century. We have an understanding of the cosmos and a relative understanding of physics, molecules, and how infinitely vast and infinitely complex the universe is. We are all one with that.

Now, what this means, on a very practical level is that anyone who has actually realized their state of non-duality is really acting as one body with all the other people who have realized the same state, even past and future. So all the awakened beings on the planet, past, future, now, are all one body of consciousness that is creating a flowering of a new kind of cosmic consciousness that is one, able to act as one, able to breathe as one.

So this is our job. People who have not realized the non-dual nature of their reality can work for this absolute realization, and particularly, people who have realized this, can start coming together in a whole new way, to create a unity that will move all of humaity forward into an amazingly blessed future.

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