"It's not a spectator sport!"

Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (October 18, 1896–January 15, 1971)

“Eat, dance and pray with the people’s of the world”

Murshid Samuel L. Lewis’ Peace Program

Sam Lewis was a roving mystic who studied the deep heart of Judiasm, Sufism and Zen throughout the 20th century. He was a disciple of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and brought Sufi dancing to the hippies of Height Asbury at the height of the revolutionary 60’s. Sufi Sam said that peace is fundamental to all faiths. Peace is fullness, all inclusive ...and must be experienced.

"Lord Buddha never actually taught "Buddhism." He sought to revive Arya Dharma, which means "noble wisdom" or even "ageless wisdom." He said that all people had perfect enlightenment but did not know about it. He laid down certain fundamental principles but these are fundamentals only insofar as they are expressed in words. They cannot be called absolute. For words are creations of minds at certain stages of cosmic evolution. It may be difficult if not impossible to express in words what belongs to other stages of evolution. 

From "Sufi Vision and Initiation"

Samuel Lewis inspired people to dance and pray!