"It's not a spectator sport!"

It's a Process

Welcome to Evolving Consciousness...

Joining threads in the movement of enlightenment that is sweeping the world, redefining our participation in the development of consciousness itself.


Fifty thousand years ago (give or take a few millennium) human beings experienced a dramatic surge in consciousness that took us from a dying species in the harsh climate of an increasing ice age, to a self-conscious being able to manipulate our environment.

This explosion in consciousness set us on a path of growth and expansion unprecedented in the biological world. Since that time every generation has added light to the way we think, adapt, and view ourselves in time and space.

For all this time we have been blossoming with religious and scientific ideas and ideals that have helped to make sense of our world. Generation after generation has moved slowly onwards, increasing our scope and capacity for thought, creativity and expansion. (We've also forgotten some important insights, and missed a few vital points along the way, but...) 

Now, suddenly, the leading edge of today’s living generations has the ability to find our place in time and space, and to see our imminent trajectory towards disaster as a call to a new way of being. Our very existence has brought us to the point where consciousness can see itself as consciousness, with a moral imperative to rise above the differences that divide humanity. 

We are challenged by both inner and outer division, with a longing to embrace ourselves as an emerging new being, capable of a second dramatic leap in consciousness, not as isolated individuals, but as thriving groups -- and eventually the whole species. We are thirsty for unity, communion, autonomy and love.

A new way of looking at the old stories is inspiring and uplifting. The whole of humanity has had many beings who have contributed to this tale of conscious evolution. Many of them we know about, most we've never heard of.

Consciousness is one. Some of our players knew each other and learned from each other. Many never heard of the others. But all have contributed to the sweep of thought, knowledge, insight and awakening that propels humanity towards global self-awareness.

Continue our slide show of evolution to meet a few of them, with some favorites highlighted...