"It's not a spectator sport!"

I am a modern gal, somewhat, and a backwoods hick, more somewhat. I have spent many years smelling the fresh air of the mountain woodlands and sitting by clear bubbling mountain streams. I have spent about the same number of years trying to understand why people are so addicted to their minds and how money flows through our modern lives with the same sort of life force that human's used to believe God had.

To that point. I speak of time I have spent. Isn't it amazing that we speak of time as if it was money? As an engineering friend of mine so aptly put it a few days ago; if money is an energy then it must follow the laws of thermodynamics. A law is a law."

I have a direct experience that all is one. In these papers we are going to be following the laws of reality and the ecstasy of mystery as if there were no difference between them. And there is no difference.

I'm a modern gal, kind of, and a maniac.

Please join me here. I think you will not be mistaken. This website has articles and stories about how I see life, and a way for you to make comments back.