"It's not a spectator sport!"

I've been doing this for many many years. At first I thought that my realizations of awakening, God, beauty, unity, the universe and all that would be enough. But the more I go along, the more I realize that knowing and experiencing unity is just the beginning. It is my expression of what I have realized that is going to make any difference.

I spend a great deal of time watching people on their spiritual search, and wondering what it is that they are seeking. Why don't they find it? Why do most people spend their whole lives in search of something that they, by definition, can't even find? So, the longer I go along, the more I realize that our modern world demands a totally different, and radical, approach to spiritual matters. Maybe it is the definition that is the problem, not the seekers.

Osho taught me that the first thing I must always question is myself: my motives, my assumptions, my ability to cling to the past. That's not something that stops after enlightenment. In fact, that is something that can only begin with enlightenment and the courage that comes from total unity. Every day brings more and more humility as I am faced with the great cosmos and my tiny part in it. Every day I find myself more down to earth, looking at humanity with a new eye. Appreciating how it all unfolds. And every day these realizations make me more passionate to break old concepts of seeing and being.

I am now seeing that all the old spiritual words and phrases are so much rhetoric. I feel poised on the brink of a new revolution that will break apart the old ways of seeing life, and open new possibilities that we can't even imagine. I feel very strongly that this new revolution has to be something that every human being can grasp and live. If spirituality stays in the hands of the select few, then it is more than worthless.

So are you interested in going there with me? Breaking into our own assumptions? Challenging ourselves? Or do you think that you've attained something special, and that now you have a special understanding?

Me? I can live with not understanding everything. I think that is part of the new wave.