"It's not a spectator sport!"

Evolution and the Unity of Religious Ideals

A divine spark is created when two or more individuals meet in a higher consciousness beyond ego.

What vast potential can fly from the open heart!

"When two or more are gathered in my name."


1. We get there by finding within us, without doubt, the source of our inspiration

    • That source is a clear stream of consciousness that encompasses all
    • Encompassing all means everything: pleasant or unpleasant
    • Finding this source gives us a perspective on all our experience

2. We get there by understanding the vast context of time and space that is sweeping us onwards

  • We live in a very large universe
  • The universe is a vast field of time and space
  • We very often forget to notice that we are actually developing in time.

 3. We get there by uniting our deepest inner core with our purpose, and taking an ultimate stance towards our own development

  • The natural habit of our mind is resistance towards the new
  • Resistance towards the new is a deep part of our conditionings
  • Challenging our conditionings gives us the ability to find life's purpose, and take the steps to achieve it.

4. We get there by looking the forces of inertia straight in the eye, without faltering, and remaining strong in our determination – no matter what comes up!
Taking an ultimate stance towards our own development means we don't waste time with the fears and desires of the ego!

  • If we don't falter in taking on our addiction to ego, then we start to notice another force in our being, a positive force that never had any problems.
  • This positive force is the Authentic Self, and is a force towards right action.

5. We get there by using our victorious position in all our interactions in the world, even to the point of declaring our many failures to be stepping stones to radical transformation.

  • If we live our whole life with a determination to be liberated from the negative, then we have already achieved liberation.
  • Achieving liberation means taking responsibility, and no longer allowing ourselves to be victims of our own experience.
  • If we are not victims of our experience, then we have cleared our vision so we are able to face everything about ourselves, and avoid nothing.
  • Facing everything in ourselves brings us to a point of joyous indifference to the content of our experience, and opens our heart to our place and purpose in the whole of humanity.
  • Then, here we are! Living in a purpose that cares more for the whole than for our own small problems. This caring is authentic, passionate and imbued with a moral obligation towards ever unfolding truth.  

And finally, we get there...

By coming together with others in an ecstatic communion of Sohbet,

as our inner spark sees the impersonal conscious field in all beings

and yearns to rise into every new moment with the ability to

change and change and change as the world demands it of us.