"It's not a spectator sport!"

From Devlynn 5/6/2007 Hello Connie,

Thank you for presenting the Evolutionary Enlightenment workshop here in Missoula, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to participate. Last Sunday, Wayne had suggested that we email at the end of the week and update you. I've been thinking a little about alternative metaphors to the Subway one. I thought since you are fond of technology that you might like one using the idea of a spam filter or pop-up blocker in internet programs, also the idea could be likened to screening phone calls with caller identification.

This has been an incredible couple weeks. Social anxieties have kept me from participating in things like your workshop in the past. It took preparation for me to overcome the inertia of my fears in order to attend. In the week prior to the workshop, I tried to make sure I wouldn't have any silly excuses not to attend, like nothing to wear or bad hair (lol). By seeing my way through the fears and taking the risk, I've found myself more willing and able to take other risks in this last week.

On Earth Day, I cleaned litter from some land near where we live. In this last week I've come to see that Earth Day should happen more than just once a year, so I've adopted that same piece of land and have returned twice this week to clean away the litter and plan to keep up the practice. Additionally I've brought some associates together to discuss possibilities for expanding recycling options here in Missoula and in Montana in general. I haven't decided on the best course of action yet, but I am actively seeking ways that I can best be of service to the cause.

Coming together with people in my neighborhood and community has been a theme this week and I've met some wonderful people along the way. I'm overcoming my fears a little more everyday and even when I feel like I've regressed or I get into the mindset that tells me that I don't have choices or that I can't make a difference – A part of me knows that "this too shall pass." Small steps backward no longer lead me to believe I have failed, because I have come to realize that they are part of the process and each one makes me stronger as I continue to gain forward momentum.

Anyway, I didn't intend for this to be quite so long of an email so I'm gonna bring it to a close. Again I am grateful that I had an opportunity to participate in your workshop and that I saw it through. I'm sharing some of the insights that I've gained with those close to me and see some incredible transformation and growth happening in my family. If there is anything I can do to help further this movement in the future, please let me know.

With Gratitude,
Devlynne Lynde


Thanks so much for this email. I took off the day I received it for a dance camp where I was without internet connection, so I haven't had a good chance to respond.

I totally LOVE the spam metaphor! And call screening too. Those are totally perfect. Just turn on the spam blocker and ego and thoughts are deleted.

Your description of the inertia of your fears in attending a workshop is so powerful. What a great description of the Authentic Self. How you had to actually plan ahead to make sure the excuses didn't become something that stopped you. It's always such a moment of victory.

I was just on a call with other students of Andrew Cohens and this one girl was talking about how she was at a retreat and they were having a very demanding discussion, that took all her concentration to participate in. Her mind was reeling with cynical thoughts through the whole discussion, but she just spam-blocked them, and kept participating in the discussion. Afterwards, she mentioned how awful her mind had been during the day, and nobody else could even tell! So that's some pretty powerful stuff!

Keep up the great discussion. I love this.




From Laura, 5/7/2007 Missoula Evolutionary Enlightenment course afterthoughts

Like Connie said,I got sucked back into urgent business to get packed and organized to fly to Massachusetts last Wed. and since arriving there have been amazing events and work overload for EnlightenNext and WIE magazine. The latter is going to get worse before it gets better, but I really want us to keep thinking together/being together in what started to develop among us during our weekend course. So here’s a starting contribution/afterthought.

I keep going back to our first evening class on enlightenment. I know we got clear on the idea of enlightenment being a perspective, not just an experience, but what is that perspective? Over the weekend it felt like we really were getting clear on the evolutionary context, seeing ourselves as the evolving process of life in the cosmos, rather than a separate ego, the little self which we have historically seen ourselves to be. What I’ve been thinking this past week is that this actually is also a definition of the enlightened perspective. If we are identified with this process in this largest of perspectives we are no longer defining ourselves as the limited, separate little personal egos. And this is exactly the shift that is the goal of enlightenment— freedom from that limited, little ego self sense.


From Sherry: 5/11/2007

Hi all
Laura, I am following up on your comments on ego. It seems to me that what I learned at the weekend is that perspective and context have a larger impact on our place of "being" than most of us realize. For myself, I find the witness ... the inner ... me, myself and I ... is working constantly to point out the ego at work, I say this with chagrin, as my
ego "tells me" I should be getting this by now. :-) But in fact, I am heartened to think that
my ability to observe my behavior is increasing and lengthening that split second we have "to choose". I am not always able to choose as I would like to, conditioning and reflex reaction still manages to usurp me :-(

Recently I had an occasion to experience a little taste of "the ALL" the oneness we all
refer to. I was in my bathroom, filling my bathtub and as I was listening to the water fill the tub, I also became aware of the outside water tap supplying water to our sprinkler.
In that moment of listening to both sounds of water, I had a tiny glimpse, of knowing how it is like to be without water. That vast numbers of the world population do not have a tap to even turn on. This was not an intellectual knowing, I have had that for some time, this was a deep within experience of knowing.

I hope that we can keep a discussion going. I wanted to be on the call last night but I had a previous commitment. Perhaps, too, those calls will spark discussion.

Warm regards,



I am totally blown away by everyone's insights! You guys are amazing. I'm particularly moved by Sherry's direct experience of oneness here. An experience is worth a billion words! Last night I was on a call with my student regional group, and a new student joined our group. He started talking about a recent experience he had where he was able to see that the ego had no actualy existance of its own. Like, the ego isn't an entity, at all. We often think of it as something actual being that is living in our heads. But he started talking about how it is only a structure in consciousness. The more we talked the more we could all see ego as something that has no actual hold on us, it's just a structure, it's just there.

Another amazing experience.

Please keep writing everyone. You are all totally inspiring.