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An Introduction to Evolutionary Enlightenment


Creative Talks & Workshops With Connie Delaney


Invite Connie Delaney to your group for an informative talk exploring the difference between ego and the authentic self. We will use videos and discussion to explore these two energies within our selves: the one compulsion that wants to hold back and live for selfish reasons, and the other essence that is already fully engaged, committed, interested, enthusiastic and not afraid of life. Through authentic questions and discussion we�ll experience that part of our lives that is full of meaning and purpose.


We live in a time when it is easy to lose our footing, doubt the meaning of life, and sometimes, question our very existence.

Those of us with an expanded world view often see ourselves as one in seven billion people. Too many people using resources, causing pollution, war, suffering. It is very easy for a modern person with intelligence and conscience to become cynical and to feel helpless in the face of global concerns.

Engaging in the world through the Authentic Self, brings a revolutionary new potential for collective human development. This presentation will leave you energized with a new meaning and purpose for life, and inspire the creation of a culture of excellence.

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Ego and The Authentic Self is a presentation on the ideas of Evolutionary Enlightenment as coined by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. Uniting the eastern notion of enlightenment with the western passion for innovation and change, these ideas provide a practical framework for living an engaged and liberated life in the 21st Century.

Evolution! It�s About Time!

Connie Zareen Delaney is a public speaker, author and entrepreneur who lives in Salmon, Idaho. Connie brings her integrative experience with many spiritual teachers to her workshop presentations. She has studied native traditions, is a Sannyasin of Osho, Sufi initiate, and student of Andrew Cohen.

Connie is a certified instructor of �The Liberation of Consciousness in the 21st Century�, a five session course in Evolutionary Enlightenment. Connie is also a meditation teacher, Dances of Universal Peace and Zikr leader, drummer and musician, who leads at events across the country.

Books: Walking Without Footprints, & Spindle Spinning From Novice to Expert. Mailing address:

see more at evolvingconsciousness.com