"It's not a spectator sport!"


Ayachara the bandit.
Beautiful trickster.
Master of Ten Thousand Masters.

To hold the carrot before the mule's stubborn nose
enticing the pony cart onward
to the point of death,
the shell blazing in the fire,
of the ultimate joke.

Enticed to be the seeker of nothing
I tried everything to hold it together.
But, finally, awareness could not deny
The ego simply
does not exist.

So much energy to fight against
something that wasn't there,
that took tremendous energy,
moment by moment,
to hold together
at all.

Existence cannot be destroyed.
Illusion cannot become solid.
Trusting Osho, in this moment,
and the bottom falls out.

No more pretending,
no more ego in the pretending.

Whatever you are
your light exists of.

Trusting in light
immediately trusts another's lighting.
Those who believe they are not
trust none.
But this Ma here,
has reached the valley,
and found the peak.

Such a simple little leap,
a plop,
into nonsearching,
and declares
The Ten Thousand have arrived.

And now in haste
to work!
A sannyasin's job is to become notorious.