"It's not a spectator sport!"

All of us....

So let's get together and see what we can come up with next. Connie Delaney is willing to work to get the ball going, and to inspire the greatest leap into future consciousness. Connie is a certified Dances of Universal Peace Leader, and also certified as a teacher of the new Andrew Cohen: Evolutionary Enlightenment Course 1, and presentation "The Authentic Self". 

Connie has gone everywhere in the modern spiritual world that she can possibly get! A sannyasin since 1985, Sufi Mureed, Zikar and dance leader, and also a Student Member of EnlightenNext, she's always exploring the best way to evolve.

Connie is offering workshops, dance and dialogue intended to bring as many positive streams together as possible. This work (and play) just keeps growing.

In this work ... there is no telling what will happen next!