"It's not a spectator sport!"

The Evolutionaries of EnlightenNext Students of Andrew Cohen are fueled by an energy that they call “Evolutionary Tension.” It is a fullness of spirit that arises from embracing the unknown and leaping into the spiritual life with a revolutionary teacher. It arises from stepping past our preconceived boundaries with the Authentic Self.

This is a new movement like the energy of Sufi Dancing in the 60’s when young people gathered around Sufi Sam, blossoming like flowers in a garden.

In today's "Evolutionaries" this dynamic urge is expressing itself in methods of ecstatic group participation. One dynamic tool for this expansion is Enlightened Communication where the highest consciousness in all participants comes together in single-pointed dialogue. 

In addition to publishing "What Is Enlightenment Magazine," new outreach and education programs are now being prepared to share this energy with the growing surge of conscious expansion on the planet.

That leads us to what Connie is up to....