"It's not a spectator sport!"


Keep an eye on the scientists. They seem to be getting closer to the truths of existence. And not just quantum physicists, biologists are finding awareness in our molecules. They have found brain cells in every part of the human body - a discovery which destroys the myth that we "think" only with our heads. They are postulating that these cells scurry through our bodies distributing information as our emotions.


who had three sons. They had all been trained by the finest of teachers, marksmen and statesmen. All three had grown into magnificent young men.

There were two ancient temples,
very antagonistic to each other. Their enmity was very ancient, traditional. Their priests were not on talking terms.

Both the temples had small boys as their disciples. These boys were helpers to the worship. They would bring things from the market, or to do other small chores which the old priests could not do. Because of the enmity, both temples insisted that the boys not speak to each other. They were told not to ask for anything, not to talk or even say good morning if they ever should meet.

THERE IS A STORY in the life of Bau Sin Tao.

One woman came to him, and said, "I'm without a child. Your master, long ago, blessed my mother and because of his blessings I was born. I hear that you are even a greater master than your predecessor. Please give me the blessing too?"
So Bau Sin blessed her. But the blessing did not work.


A king had become very old. He had only one son and he wasn't certain that this son was wise enough to run his large kingdom with awareness.

His friend and advisor was a great saint, to whom he had always looked for advice. So the king asked for guidance. He said, "I am old. I have only one son. He is going to succeed me. A vast kingdom I am leaving in his hands, and I do not know if he is capable of it. Will you suggest to me someway that I can become certain."

THERE WAS A MONASTERY in an ancient land. It had two wings, and the master had a beautiful cat. In this monastery there were one thousand monks: five hundred in one wing and five hundred in another. In the middle was the master's hut.

The cat was friendly and used to visit, first one wing and then the other. And this cat was so soft and loving that all the monks wanted to keep it as long as possible. Often there were quarrels and fights over who would get the cat.

When you are in deep trust, that quality of trust transforms your life no matter what the circumstances.

When Milarepa went to his Master in Tibet, he was so humble, so pure, so authentic, that other disciples became jealous of him. It was certain that he would be the successor, so they tried to kill him.

Milarepa was very very trusting. One day the other disciples said to him, "If you really believe in the Master, can you jump from the cliff? If the trust is there, then nothing to it! No harm is going to happen."

My first teacher, Osho, taught in the Zen manner, and that always has a place in my heart. In Zen the teacher has an experience of the absolute, and tries to convey it to the students through stories and experiences that stop the mind from analyzing everything. I'll post various Zen stories in this category for you to enjoy.