"It's not a spectator sport!"

"We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."

Marie Curie
1867-1934, Physicist


Overcoming Collective Insanity Through Evolutionary Dance & Dialogue

We are not the isolated bubbles that we imagine ourselves to be. Our internal and external reality is the result of the vast creative process as it unfolds. For the past 50 thousand years (or so) human beings have been experiencing the leap from a perceived reality which is dictated entirely by external circumstances, to a broader perception that is an interchange of our conscious awareness and external circumstances.

Looking at history

If we look at history from one point of view we could judge our journey to be a plunge from the complete sanity of a tribal consciousness, living in harmony with the natural world, to the schizophrenic reality of the modern “Me.”

From a broader, cosmically centered perspective, this evolution is a miraculous unfolding of innovation, expression and courage in one species on an isolated planet in the outskirts of a swirling mass of stars.

Standing outside of space and time, looking at our lives and loves from the place of cosmic non-duality, our journey into what we call our present insanity has been the flick of an eye. We’ve taken wrong turns, but our ever-expanding interpretation of reality has been guided by the conscious evolution of those who have taken leaps from the current mass hallucination.

We are part of an evolving cultural experience moving forward through art, spirituality, science and philosophy. This perspective, itself, is the place where our new sanity begins.

Becoming sane

Today, sanity is a choice. Living a life of radical sanity cannot be dictated by our personal histories (because our histories are already set). Instead it’s a conscious decision to stand free of our internal confusion of thoughts and emotions by maintaining the highest perspective that we can reach at any given moment. This type of radical sanity includes the unity of everything: you and me, us and them, inner and outer, past and future.

This is why we can dance and dialog ourselves into sanity.

Movement is experience

Peace dance (sufi dancing, or dervish dance) was created by the illuminated master, Sam Lewis, in the 60’s as a way to help his mureeds directly experience clarity and unity. The dance is in a circle, singing mantras from our collective spiritual history. The circle itself takes on a life that enables each individual to experience movement beyond the small self. When done with an enlightened perspective we gain experience in moving towards the all encompassing unity through choiceful awareness.

Dialog as movement

The dialog of "enlightened communication" is a new method of non-dual unity being spearheaded by EnlightenNext: Andrew Cohen and his students.

Another type of dialog has bloomed out of Utah, and the Big-Mind work of Genpo Roshi. These experiential methods can be brought together in dance retreats to create a leap into a perspective that is large enough where our daily lives again makes sense, and our purpose and direction towards radical unity becomes clear.

Bringing it together

This Evolutionary Dance is offered by Connie Zareen Delaney, a modern mystic from the wilds of central Idaho. This is an opportunity to not just hear about the non-dual state, but to taste it yourself, in the field of enlightenment generated by a circle of friends. We experience unity in the dance, followed by unity in dialogue to bring our sense of oneness into conscious expression. The result of this conscious expression is that we are able to transmit our sense of unity to those around us in a real way, thus spreading and evolving the experience into our culture. This is a real sense of moving beyond the individualistic, “I think therefore I am,” to the experience of our evolving collective consciousness that is totally dependent on our individual participation, "We commune, therefor we are."

In it together!

We're all in this together! The evolution of consciousness is what happens between us when we come together with new hearts, open minds and curiousity--when we push for something new. It's the miracle that can happen when we are not held back by our negative selves.

Most of the world today believes that there is one God. And many have taken that idea even further in the understanding that all is one. If we dissolve our sense of self into that oneness, we realize there is not two. Diving into what that means opens us enough to start including the whole universe into our sphere of conscious awareness and realize, "just one thing is happening."

There is a grand unity available to us as reasoning creatures that gives a whole new purpose and urgency to our being. We are here to participate in the most amazing project: the evolution of consciousness.

Imagine what can happen with the world if we start communing in an open field of curiousity... more interested in what can be created between us, than in our own opinions. What can we create if the creator is the consciousness between a group of people - rather than a separate entity, or our separate egos?

This site, and my life's work, is dedicated into going as deeply as possible into these questions. So welcome, and please contribute! (...contribute your very seed of consciousness)